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Share Dealing

If you believe you were mis-sold shares by or on behalf of any active or dissolved entity, you may be eligible for a claim. Find out more about your entitlement to compensation for mis-sold shares – contact the team at Hemmings Howe for a free consultation today.

What is Share Dealing? 

Share dealing is when you buy or sell shares in a public limited company on a
recognised stock exchange. When you buy a share, you become one of the company’s owners and you may be entitled to a share of any profits it makes.

​However, this investment can be highly risky if the client is not well advised,
impacting the investment negatively.

​Nowadays, stockbrokers and advisers can be paid large commissions or sales
incentives, for selling a particular investment product (such as small cap
stocks). This type of compensation is generating a conflict of interest as it is
potentially preventing the financial advisor or broker from acting in the
consumer’s best interest.

Instead, the adviser is triggered by selling a product which brings the highest
personal benefit.

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compensation for mis sold shares

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